The reality

To set up our program, we want to keep marketing costs very low. We have decided to go with a two tiered strategy. We invite individuals to donate because they care about the mission of providing Liberian students at the Buchanan Demonstration School with quality education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and we provide this same opportunity toward established organizations by requesting grants.

A quality education in Liberia is the ONLY way to sustain peace in the community and develop Liberia economically.  Liberian students crave for the opportunity to learn what the Westerners know. They have a sense of admiration for the material that developed nations are able to articulate and invent. They seek the opportunity to do the same. They know that they can do it with the proper exposure.

Wahjay – STEM’s primary existence is based on providing the exposure that Liberian students need. The idea just needs to be thoroughly and thoughtfully executed.  We want to thank Abilene Christian University’s volunteers for their support, and we want to thank Carlos Wallace, author, for his Support at the Houston Improv. We want to thank Rolando Guajardo for using his talent to provide us with a great display of the visuals that we put together. You can find the video that Rolando set up for us, here.  We showcased that video at the Houston Improv.

Wahjay is seeking company grants and individual financial support for the proof of concept at the Buchanan Demonstration School in Buchanan Liberia.  Feel free to contact us for additional inquiries on the program at


We have been looking into ways of scaling back to a lower budget. We will keep you posted.

Our strategy is to keep our business operations transparent. We have 5 people on payroll. The four teachers that receive bonus for participation in the proof of concept, and our Program Director, Mr. Abba Karnga Jr.


You are invited to provide your financial support here.


Our favorite education- themed movies

Over the years the Wahjay – STEM team has watched a few movies. Here are our inspirational favorites. Please let us know if you plan to watch any and what you think about the story line if you’d like. These stories are inspirational and have complex messages in them. The stories based in Africa are mostly nonfiction stories, that give the audience an understanding of the reality children face at a granular level. If you have not seen some of these stories, we encourage you to take some time with your family and watch them. We also hope that these stories inspire you to donate to Wahjay-STEM’s cause, bringing STEM education to all public primary school children from 4-6th grade. A few of these stories listed, have helped Wahjay – STEM’s principal, Giewee Hammond, get through with her second Master degree at Texas A&M.  (On the way to school,  Ben Carson Story: Gifted Hands). All of the listed are based on overcoming odds to learn.

Our favorites:

Marva Collins Story

Why?:  Marva Collins was very determined to provide her kids with a quality education. She never gave up on her students!   She knew that her students were a product of their environment, and could learn in an environment most suitable for learning.

Homeless to Harvard

Why?: This is a story about a young woman who was determined not to follow her parent’s path of drug usage and financial hardship. She worked and received honors in school. She was eventually admitted into Harvard University on a full scholarship!  She has a few inspirational TED Talks out right now.


Why?: This young boy had lots of challenges that he went through without this movie, but somehow always made it to school to pursue his education, even if it wasn’t his school!

The First Grader

Why?: This older gentleman desperately wanted to learn how to read and found loopholes to do so. He earned the support of his instructor and was finally able to read a letter that was sent to him from his country’s government!  It’s a true story, check out more information here.

On the Way to School

Why?: This showcases a story of students from all over the world, and their determination to get to school and learn!

Gifted Hands: Ben Carson Story

Why?: This story showcases the power of exposure. Who knows if those twins who were conjoined would have survived a surgery similar to that by another surgeon!

Story of Helen Keller

Why?: This is an N. American classic story about young, deaf & blind woman who eventually learns how to communicate, consume knowledge and positively engage society.
Tall as the Baobab Tree

Why?:  A young girl who desperately wants her younger sister to complete her education. These sisters have an older brother who got injured while working on a farm. This family could not afford the medical expenses for the injury so the tribal leader of that village planned to marry the youngest sister off. The older sister was terrified, even though it was tradition to follow what the tribal leader requested! The older sister worked miscellaneous jobs while she was supposed to be watching the family’s cows in place of her older brother. She was eventually able to earn the money she needed to send her sister to school. What determination!

We would like to see:

Black Out

We just saw the trailer for this. A few kids determined to do well in school by studying at their neighborhood streetlight? Will you watch with us and let us know what you think?


Partnership levels for organizations

Brief Organizational Budget

  • The proof of concept overall costs 40,014.4 USD.
    • Operational Costs 29,447 USD – for computers, teacher bonuses, volunteer flights, Participation Scholarship & Shipping
    • Standard Material Costs (Robots) – 6,878.75 USD for robot parts and instructional materials
    • Competition Material Costs (Competition pieces) – 3,688.65 USD – board used for competition, sizing tools, controllers and field kits

Partnership Levels

Titanium Partnership (14,000USD+ in dollar or items needed for operational costs)– Exhibit Space, Recognition in interviews and other press related items, invitation to interviews, competition day banners, logo presence at competition, logo presence in classroom, VIP section seating for administration on competition day, table and food on competition day for up to 4 people.

Platinum Partnership (6,000USD+ in dollar or in items needed for standard materials)- Recognition in interviews and other press related items, name on volunteer t-shirt, logo presence on t-shirt, logo presence at competition, logo presence on invitation, VIP section seating for for up to 4 administration personnel table and food for up to 2 people.

Gold Partnership (4,000USD + in dollar or in items needed for competition pieces)-Exhibit Space, Recognition in interviews and other press related items, logo presence on invitation, VIP section seating for up to 4 administration personnel on competition day, table and food for up to 2 people.

Silver Partnership (20USD – 2000USD+ in dollar or in items needed for competition) – by- the- unit -sponsor. Name listed on invitation items, name mentioned in ceremony, name on volunteer t-shirt


You may choose to donate here.

Fundraiser progress

Today, Wahjay- STEM established a fundraiser hosting page on the website called Fundrazr. It was pretty simple.  We had to have a paypal account, tied to Wahjay- STEM’s bank account to receive donations. Fundrazr also utilizes wepay in order to process payments that we receive. Paypal works with wepay in order to complete the entire transaction and place that donation into Wahjay-STEM’s account.

We broke down parts of the 40K donation to establish perks for individuals to donate. Visit the donate page to check it out.  We are still working on securing a company grant because there are a lot of challenges that come with crowdfunding. For any companies reading this blog,  the next blog will include donation levels and the benefits of at each level.

For now, we leave you with an interview that our Principal, Giewee Hammond participated in at D15 Radio in Montserrado County, Liberia. The interview was  conducted by Winston Blyden.    Please keep in mind that at the onset, Wahjay-STEM chose a private school, World Wide Mission Academy, because we had not yet established a partnership with the Ministry of Education. After speaking with the Ministry of Education, we agreed that selecting a public school was better aligned with our long-term objective. Radio Interview

We plan to be transparent throughout this process. We want for our supporters to know how much we’ve raised, and how we are spending the funds.


Donate here





40K Fundraiser

You may choose to donate here

Cost Request Breakdown

Operational Costs -29,447 USD

Item Quantity Each
Competition Laptops (reusable) 4 500 2,000
Desktops (ASUS vivopc desktop) 4 250 1,000
Monitors (24’’ ACER Screen) 4 130 520
Keyboard 4 10 40
Teacher Bonus 4 teachers 500 2,000
Program Director (May to October) 6 months 300 1,800
DJ / Host Challenge day 1 150 150
Publicity via Press 1 450 450
Event Day Food 1 1000 1000
Practice Day Food (October) 50 days 100 5000
Bus Fare /Taxi Stipend for each student 102 trips 11 1122
Scholarship for completion each student 25 Students 65 1625
Volunteer Flights (R/T) 4 1685 6740
Shipping (Africa 2000- air) 1000 lbs 4 4000
Shipping Insurance 1 1 2000

*all money is in USD


Standard Material Costs (Robots) – 6,878.75 USD

Item Quantity Each Total Cost
Dual Control Starter Kit 8 499.99 3999.92
ROBOTC (30 seat) 1 599.00 599.00
Booster Kit 8 179.99 1439.92
Performance Toolkit 1 39.99 39.99
Sensor Kit 8 99.99 799.92

*all money is in USD


Competition Material Costs (Competition pieces) – 3,688.65 USD

Item Quantity Each Total Cost
VRC Full Game Object & Goal Kit 4 499.99 1999.96
Competition field tile kit 4 229.99 919.96
VEXnet Field Controller Kit 4 149.99 599.96
VEXnet Competition Switch 1 19.99 19.99
On Field Robot Sizing Tool 1 39.99 39.99
Low-Cost Field Perimeter 4 108.79 108.79

*all money is in USD


Currently fundraising for 40,014.4 USD


About Us

Wahjay- STEM is a nongovernmental organization seeking to expand the science, technology, engineering and math as a core curriculum to all primary schools in Liberia at no cost to Liberian families by initially introducing a proof of concept of the program for 4th -6th graders at the Buchanan Demonstration school in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

You may choose to donate here.

Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence of Grand Bassa County, and Representative Adolf Lawrence have shown support of the program by providing resources that will assist Wahjay – STEM in meeting its objective.

This program has partnered with the Ministry of Education- Liberia and the STARZ Institute- Liberia in order to manage the logistical details of initiating the program. The Ministry of Education has granted Wahjay – STEM the permission it needs to initiate the proof of concept:

  1. Four teachers from the Buchanan Demonstration School have been selected
  2. 25 students will be selected to showcase the curriculum introduced via Wahjay –
    STEM in December 2015
  3. STARZ Institute has partnered with Wahjay- STEM in getting the teachers trained and technically prepared to handle the new curriculum that the 4th- 6th grade students will be exposed to in the upcoming school year.

Proof of Concept will take place at the Buchanan Demonstration School between September, 2016 through May, 2017.

Selected students will showcase the highlights of STEM curriculum through a competition day that will be held in March 2017.

Board of Directors:

We have 7 members of our board of directors.