About Us

Wahjay- STEM is a nongovernmental organization seeking to expand the science, technology, engineering and math as a core curriculum to all primary schools in Liberia at no cost to Liberian families by initially introducing a proof of concept of the program for 4th -6th graders at the Buchanan Demonstration school in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

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Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence of Grand Bassa County, and Representative Adolf Lawrence have shown support of the program by providing resources that will assist Wahjay – STEM in meeting its objective.

This program has partnered with the Ministry of Education- Liberia and the STARZ Institute- Liberia in order to manage the logistical details of initiating the program. The Ministry of Education has granted Wahjay – STEM the permission it needs to initiate the proof of concept:

  1. Four teachers from the Buchanan Demonstration School have been selected
  2. 25 students will be selected to showcase the curriculum introduced via Wahjay –
    STEM in December 2015
  3. STARZ Institute has partnered with Wahjay- STEM in getting the teachers trained and technically prepared to handle the new curriculum that the 4th- 6th grade students will be exposed to in the upcoming school year.

Proof of Concept will take place at the Buchanan Demonstration School between September, 2016 through May, 2017.

Selected students will showcase the highlights of STEM curriculum through a competition day that will be held in March 2017.

Board of Directors:

We have 7 members of our board of directors.


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