Fundraiser progress

Today, Wahjay- STEM established a fundraiser hosting page on the website called Fundrazr. It was pretty simple.  We had to have a paypal account, tied to Wahjay- STEM’s bank account to receive donations. Fundrazr also utilizes wepay in order to process payments that we receive. Paypal works with wepay in order to complete the entire transaction and place that donation into Wahjay-STEM’s account.

We broke down parts of the 40K donation to establish perks for individuals to donate. Visit the donate page to check it out.  We are still working on securing a company grant because there are a lot of challenges that come with crowdfunding. For any companies reading this blog,  the next blog will include donation levels and the benefits of at each level.

For now, we leave you with an interview that our Principal, Giewee Hammond participated in at D15 Radio in Montserrado County, Liberia. The interview was  conducted by Winston Blyden.    Please keep in mind that at the onset, Wahjay-STEM chose a private school, World Wide Mission Academy, because we had not yet established a partnership with the Ministry of Education. After speaking with the Ministry of Education, we agreed that selecting a public school was better aligned with our long-term objective. Radio Interview

We plan to be transparent throughout this process. We want for our supporters to know how much we’ve raised, and how we are spending the funds.


Donate here






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