Our favorite education- themed movies

Over the years the Wahjay – STEM team has watched a few movies. Here are our inspirational favorites. Please let us know if you plan to watch any and what you think about the story line if you’d like. These stories are inspirational and have complex messages in them. The stories based in Africa are mostly nonfiction stories, that give the audience an understanding of the reality children face at a granular level. If you have not seen some of these stories, we encourage you to take some time with your family and watch them. We also hope that these stories inspire you to donate to Wahjay-STEM’s cause, bringing STEM education to all public primary school children from 4-6th grade. A few of these stories listed, have helped Wahjay – STEM’s principal, Giewee Hammond, get through with her second Master degree at Texas A&M.  (On the way to school,  Ben Carson Story: Gifted Hands). All of the listed are based on overcoming odds to learn.

Our favorites:

Marva Collins Story

Why?:  Marva Collins was very determined to provide her kids with a quality education. She never gave up on her students!   She knew that her students were a product of their environment, and could learn in an environment most suitable for learning.

Homeless to Harvard

Why?: This is a story about a young woman who was determined not to follow her parent’s path of drug usage and financial hardship. She worked and received honors in school. She was eventually admitted into Harvard University on a full scholarship!  She has a few inspirational TED Talks out right now.


Why?: This young boy had lots of challenges that he went through without this movie, but somehow always made it to school to pursue his education, even if it wasn’t his school!

The First Grader

Why?: This older gentleman desperately wanted to learn how to read and found loopholes to do so. He earned the support of his instructor and was finally able to read a letter that was sent to him from his country’s government!  It’s a true story, check out more information here.

On the Way to School

Why?: This showcases a story of students from all over the world, and their determination to get to school and learn!

Gifted Hands: Ben Carson Story

Why?: This story showcases the power of exposure. Who knows if those twins who were conjoined would have survived a surgery similar to that by another surgeon!

Story of Helen Keller

Why?: This is an N. American classic story about young, deaf & blind woman who eventually learns how to communicate, consume knowledge and positively engage society.
Tall as the Baobab Tree

Why?:  A young girl who desperately wants her younger sister to complete her education. These sisters have an older brother who got injured while working on a farm. This family could not afford the medical expenses for the injury so the tribal leader of that village planned to marry the youngest sister off. The older sister was terrified, even though it was tradition to follow what the tribal leader requested! The older sister worked miscellaneous jobs while she was supposed to be watching the family’s cows in place of her older brother. She was eventually able to earn the money she needed to send her sister to school. What determination!

We would like to see:

Black Out

We just saw the trailer for this. A few kids determined to do well in school by studying at their neighborhood streetlight? Will you watch with us and let us know what you think?



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