The reality

To set up our program, we want to keep marketing costs very low. We have decided to go with a two tiered strategy. We invite individuals to donate because they care about the mission of providing Liberian students at the Buchanan Demonstration School with quality education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and we provide this same opportunity toward established organizations by requesting grants.

A quality education in Liberia is the ONLY way to sustain peace in the community and develop Liberia economically.  Liberian students crave for the opportunity to learn what the Westerners know. They have a sense of admiration for the material that developed nations are able to articulate and invent. They seek the opportunity to do the same. They know that they can do it with the proper exposure.

Wahjay – STEM’s primary existence is based on providing the exposure that Liberian students need. The idea just needs to be thoroughly and thoughtfully executed.  We want to thank Abilene Christian University’s volunteers for their support, and we want to thank Carlos Wallace, author, for his Support at the Houston Improv. We want to thank Rolando Guajardo for using his talent to provide us with a great display of the visuals that we put together. You can find the video that Rolando set up for us, here.  We showcased that video at the Houston Improv.

Wahjay is seeking company grants and individual financial support for the proof of concept at the Buchanan Demonstration School in Buchanan Liberia.  Feel free to contact us for additional inquiries on the program at


We have been looking into ways of scaling back to a lower budget. We will keep you posted.

Our strategy is to keep our business operations transparent. We have 5 people on payroll. The four teachers that receive bonus for participation in the proof of concept, and our Program Director, Mr. Abba Karnga Jr.


You are invited to provide your financial support here.


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