Meet our Board!

Board of Directors


Jenny Spalding

Jenny Spalding has worked as Petroleum Engineering Specialist for Upstream E&P. Her primary expertise is in petroleum project economics, portfolio, and reserves assessment.  She has authored papers for Saudi Aramco, Aramco-Houston, The World Bank, Shell and CERA while employed with them.  At the World Bank, Ms. Spalding was engaged in (a) policy discussions with the Indian Government to reconcile domestic fuel, feedstock pricing and electricity pricing subsidies, (b) leading a task force to Egypt across subsidies between fuel substitutes and (c) coordinating the Global Environmental and Energy fund (GEF) for Eastern Europe. Jenny has been heavily involved in educating youth in the Middle East on oil and economics and reserves and has worked with many education not- for -profit institutions to encourage learning.


Ama Koram

Ama has worked in Oil & Gas for 7 years as a Human Resources Generalist across various business divisions: Upstream, Downstream, Finance& Information Technology. Her current work comprises of advising and consulting with Global Deepwater leaders in order to deliver business priorities and the HR strategic agenda. Ama’s work also focuses on maintaining positive employee relations. One of her passions centers on career development for young professionals.

Patricia English

Patricia has been passionate about community-driven development since serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2001. Motivated by her experiences working at a rural health clinic in Togo, she returned to the US to pursue a dual Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and Development from Tulane University. Her global work experience includes working on civic engagement programs in South Sudan, promoting volunteerism for sustainable development in Viet Nam and coordinating an HIV & TB community-based care program in South Africa.



Giewee Hammond

Giewee has an extensive mathematics background which she uses to resolve complex problems for Upstream E&P. She is a Lead Data Scientist for her division. Her projects are high profile and information sensitive by nature and require strategic planning with division directors. She is currently leading a company initiative on how knowledge is managed as senior employees leave her company over the next two (2) to three (3) years. She enjoys empowering individuals with information that will better their circumstances. She has volunteered with various Houston, TX organizations that encourage STEM after-school programs and has acted a mentor for undergraduate students that are starting careers. She was on the board of an organization started by the Harris County District of Education for two (2) years before embarking on Wahjay – STEM’s initiative in Liberia.


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