Welcome to our newest Board Member

Emmanuel Johnson is a Fulbright Scholar and NSF fellow currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Southern California. His research centers around Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, he focuses on building computational models of human emotion for virtual humans. Emmanuel holds aBachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina Agricultural and TechnicalState University (NCA&T), and a Masters of Science Degree in Robotics from the University ofBirmingham, in England. Emmanuel also holds the distinction of being the first student in NCA&T’s History ever awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. Emmanuel believes in giving back and has actively been involved in service projects outside of his academic research. Emmanuel currently serves as a Fulbright

Emmanuel now acts as a Fulbright Alumni Ambassador where he travels to various universities and conferences helping to educate students on the Fulbright program and the benefits of studying abroad. He has served in different positions centered around helping to encourage and mentor students from lower income communities who have an interest in pursuing careers in STEM. Emmanuel sees hard work, determination, and perseverance as the key to overcoming many of life’s obstacle life. He lives by the words of Henry Long Fellow which states “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” Emmanuel is hopeful that artificial intelligence and the research he does will change the way we interact with technology, and bring about both social and economic changes.


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