The Louisville Liberian Association welcomes Wahjay-STEM kids!


We want to issue a huge thank you to the Louisville Liberian Association for welcoming our Wahjay-STEM students.  Members, Emma Dunn and Robertha Richards quickly embraced our Wahjay-STEM students by providing groceries on the students’ night of arrival and taking the kids to the Liberian Association community the following day. The students are already so happy because they were able to take their first trip to McDonalds. We think they enjoyed it!




We are grateful that they enjoyed McDonald’s because the following night, not all of the kids were too fond of the American favorite, pizza. We ordered a 4-meat pizza for the kids and some asked for a cultural staple, pepper soup and rice.

As the kids prepare for the VEX World’s competition to be held this weekend, President of the Louisville Liberian Association Blyden Winston will have a meeting with a Wahjay-STEM representatitve to discuss the weekend’s upcoming agenda.

Founder Giewee Giah and board member, Jenny Spalding will meet with the kids to prep them for what is to be expected this weekend. The kids will review their computer code, test the operation of their robot, and ensure that their robot meets the required specifications of the VEX Worlds 2017 competition.

It has been a two-year journey to get to this stage.  Giewee Giah approached Senator Nyonblee Karnga in January 2015, by March 2015, the two women made a deal to partner on this STEM initiative at the World Wide Mission Academy. The Senator recognized the dire need for critical thinking in her county. Due to the partnership, the students at the World Wide Mission Academy were introduced to Wahjay-STEM in January 2016. The program was implemented in September 2016.

A documentary was created in January 2017, which you may find here. This documentary notes the kids’ progress within three months of having the program. Now that we are in April 2017, the kids have completed eight months of the 9-month program.  The selected students participated in Liberia’s first national robotics competition in March 2017, the winning students are now in Louisville, KY for what is known as the ‘Olympics of Robotics’.




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  1. Scout · May 11, 2017

    Thanks for contuibrting. It’s helped me understand the issues.


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